Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hollywood the Censor - Amy Pascal - Sony Pictures

“How about next time, when any of us are reading a script and it says words like fag, or faggot – homo – dyke – take a pencil and just cross it out” – Amy Pascal Co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Last night at a sold-out LA Gay & Lesbian Center gala that raised $1 million for homeless gay and lesbian youth, honoree Amy Pascal asked the industry to scrutinize its depiction of LGBT characters in film and television.
So now censorship will be the order of the day in Hollywood. Remember Hollywood was a place where you did and said anything because it was looked on as an artistic license of expressing your true feelings, an uncensored freedom. Now Sony is basically saying they won’t put out movies that in any way smear “faggot’s, homos and dykes”!
Well, that’s very nice for those in their tutus and pink slippers but what about Conservatives in America who have been besmirched, denigrated, demonized and flat-out lied about for decades by these dream merchants. What about us???? Where’s that warm and fuzzy feeling Hollywood? You can’t go to a movie made today or the past ten or twenty years that doesn't have some negative reference towards Conservative thought or a past, present or future Conservative leader.
I had to laugh at the Left when they were shocked at seeing a lookalike of Barack Obama, their fearless leader of tax breaks and special privileges, when he showed up in the TV movie The Bible as Satan, PRICELESS!!!
How’s it feel, effective isn't it??? – N.P.Contompasis 

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