Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obama is Watching Everything You Do

Let’s see, our government listens in and records our phone conversations, reads and stores our emails, tweets and Facebook posts. Most cellphones now have GPS which allows them to not only follow you in real time but can listen in on our private conversations. Just this morning it’s been announced that the CIA and other federal law enforcements agencies will now have access to your private bank account information and any unusual money transactions.  
So, if the government can now violate your privacy by knowing where you are, what you’re talking about, who you’re with and nearly what you’re thinking, what’s left? The ability to stop you!!!
And that’s where a massive fleet of armed drones comes into play. The old Soviet Union and other tyrannical states in the past pale in comparison to what’s going on with the American people. Stalin, Tito and Hitler would be green with jealously if they saw the technology that’s simply at the fingertips of Barack Obama.
It was just a week ago when a very courageous Senator Rand Paul stood up in the Senate to proclaim enough is enough. “You mean, you can now kill Americans in America without due process?”  Why wouldn’t the Obama Administration simply say that it was unconstitutional to do just that?
That’s why all of this is making the American people very nervous. It seems that Senators McCain and Graham have missed the point with their condemnation of Senator Paul. It’s not just the killing of Americans in America but about the entire laundry list I’ve mentioned.
Remember, you may somewhat trust the leaders that now hold these powers but what happens when those leaders are gone and replaced by not so very nice people??? – N.P.Contompasis 

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