Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Nation Under God

The stuff that holds a civilized society together is trust.  There is no society if trust is gone. Trust in our economy, trust in our military, trust in our money, trust in the leaders of our government and yes trust in ones God, all have to be solid or we fail as a civilized people.
Read your history books and then look around at the state our world is in, right now today. Believe it or not, trust is faltering everywhere you look, from Europe to Africa, even the Western Hemisphere and don’t forget Asia too.
You will find that when trust is trampled on, societies fall and people die. The story is older than the Bible. As you study the very short history of man you will come away wondering why our great nation has been spared the carnage that continues to rape every country around the world. This process that others have experienced has destroyed their ability to trust, thus the cycle of disaster that keeps them on their treadmill of freedom and slavery.
We in the United States are now entering into a dangerous period where we have for the first time since our only real uprising, the great Civil War one hundred and fifty years ago, lost the trust in the pillars that have kept our nation together. If we continue to trample on the glue that keeps us “One Nation Under God”, we will again pit brother against brother, group against group leaving no trust left in the world, and that will be the saddest day for mankind.  – N.P.Contompasis

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Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful, Nick. Brings tears to my eyes first thing on a Sunday morning, even before I have a chance to walk in my garden and view the dew on my roses. Love that hymn. I am so worried about our country and what it's coming to, especially for my 2 granddaughters just growing into responsible teenagers. I had no daughters, just sons.