Saturday, July 28, 2012

ALERT!! – Democrats in Panic Mode, Check out Panic Message this Morning!!!

July 28, 2012   Barack ObamaElection 2012
The Democrats are in panic mode.
They’re getting beat in fundraising, spending and in the polls and they’re freaking out.
They don’t know what to do with their dog of a candidate.
Jim — With just 101 days until the election, this news is a warning sign:
1. This week, Romney and the GOP outspent us by $7.7 million (National Journal, 7/27)
2. In the past 30 days, polls show Romney has eliminated President Obama’s lead (Gallup, 7/25)
We can’t panic. Just because Mitt Romney has more billionaires doesn’t mean we can’t take him on. But if Democrats don’t pick up the pace now—101 days out—we’re paving the road for a Romney administration.
Undecided voters don’t make up their minds on Election Day. They start making their picks now. If we wait to stand up for President Obama and progressives, it will be too late.
The FEC deadline is 72 hours away, and we’re $400,000 away from our goal. Can you contribute $5 to help us stop a takeover from Romney and the Republicans?
Thanks for standing with us,
John Hagner
DSCC Field Director

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