Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Problem With the Food Stamps Problem

Why You Should Worry About Too Many People on Food Stamps
With nearly 50,000,000 Americans on Food Stamps, the people taking advantage of this giveaway is growing on a daily basis. As college students, most low income and now middle income
Americans fraudulently apply for this benefit the country is falling into a socialist trap.
You see as the numbers grow and eventually reach 50% and more the people will simply demand more. When this happens, our government will be forced into creating its own food distribution network or nationalize the existing one similar to the way ObamaCare has been enacted.
Farms and farm ownership could be limited. Land could be confiscated for the betterment of the people. Well, that’s what they’ll say.
You’re already seeing it with the new tax laws that start in 2012. Inheritance tax will go from zero to 55% and that’s just to the IRS. Look for another 10% to the state leaving 35% to your heirs.
You see this government is out of control and well on its way to destroying all of your rights so that the ones that won’t work can have what you have.
This Food Stamp issue is huge and every American needs to be aware of how your government is hell-bent on turning you into a non-entity!!! – N.P.Contompasis

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