Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is This Muslim Doing Contributing Millions to Obama's Campaign???

Per a very insightful article by Eric Lach here entitled "The Obama Mega Donor Who Got Lost In The Crowd" you will find that Mr. Kareem Ahmed is just another opportunist who plans on capitalizing on the demise of our well oiled and efficient private sector medical support and medical insurance business. 
By donating millions to President Obama he is assured a big piece of the trillion dollar business that will be the largest form of crony capitalism the United States has ever seen. 
He has formed six new companies that will be the backbone of this soon to be billion dollar organization. They are HNW Consulting Inc., Healthcare Finance Management LLC, Med-Rx Funding LLC, Physician Funding Solutions, LLC, Pharmafinace LLC and RX Funding Solutions LLC. 
What the unsuspecting public doesn't understand about ObamaCare is that President Obama is replacing publicly traded private sector companies with companies run by his friends and donors. 
Just like what we saw in the so-called "Green Energy" scandals of Solyndra and scores of other now bankrupt companies where billions of taxpayer dollars were lost. 
If Barack Obama is reelected in November Mr. Kareem Ahmed will become a billionaire overnight on your hard earned tax dollars. The ObamaCare contracts coming from Obama will turn each one of his six companies into Fortune Five Hundred companies with the flick of a switch. - N.P.Contompasis 

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