Monday, October 8, 2012

Half the Country Likes Obama - I Don't Think So

As recent polls have indicated, it’s now official half the country likes Mitt Romney and the other half likes Barack Obama. Now that has to be just plain bullsh*t right? How could that possibly be? 
When you see the Dow Jones Average close 

by only a few points, you know something’s going on. When you see the Dow Jones Average now testing new highs, while the country is suffering so much, you know something’s going on. When you see a seven hundred dollar stock like Apple or Google close up or down by only a few cents, you know something’s going on. When you see the unemployment rate drop nearly a half point on 114,000 new jobs, you know something’s going on. 
There once was a time when we trusted the information we were given. But now, it seems since the economic collapse that occurred four years ago this month and last we have been lied to profusely by our government, media and any form of information source that can solidify public opinion. 
The American people are being lied to and for that matter the entire Western World is being lied to if you've been listening to international broadcasts and news feeds. You have to wonder why. 
With high-speed computers anything’s possible and it seems we’re now being herded into a new controlled mind-coral where your ideas and conclusions are formed by what your perception of everyone else’s ideas and conclusions are. If Jane thinks the sky is green, it must be green!
Of course where there’s mind-control there has to be mind-police who let you know when you've stepped out of line. They also let the information gathers know when they've stepped into the murky zone of “the truth.” Oh the mind-police are already here trying their hardest to tighten the noose around our necks. Every time you turn on the Mainstream Media you can see the power of the policing of ideas. 
You have to wonder, is this a giant conspiracy meant to dominate the world under one man or woman or is it just the nature of man to control everything around him, even himself. 
As you can see by my coherent conclusions something is very definitely going on, now the big questions are why and how can it be stopped? - N.P.Contompasis

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Sounds Orwellian.