Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Anders Behring Breivik in Norway Killed His Own Countrymen

By Nicholas Contompasis

I was baffled as to why an anti-Islamic Norwegian man killed so many of his own countrymen last week. You'd think he would have blown up a mosque or killed children in a Muslim summer camp to vent his anger. No, he killed and blew up his own countrymen and buildings, with absolutely no remorse.
After pondering this tragic event for an answer it finally came to me in a flash of flickering cellulose nitrate. That's right, a movie.
In the critically acclaimed movie Grand Canyon released in 1991, exposing a troubled and crime ridden Los Angeles, Steve Martin, a Hollywood producer of violent movies is remembered for his famous line, "The answers to the riddles of life are found in the movies."
He was so right, for the answers to the riddles of life are truly found in the movies, since tinseltown has now put out more movies about more things than any other media source.
The answer to this little riddle of life that happened in Norway can be found in another famous movie put out in 1995, The Unusual Suspects.
This movie was a rekindling of a golden age in Hollywood that played more with the imagination than the visual which with the help of special effects has dominated the industry for the past two decades.
Keyser Soze the main ghost-like character is a Eastern European gangster who finds his wife and children being held at gunpoint by a rival gang in his home.
To the surprise of the rival gang members Keyser Soze instead of killing them first, shoots his wife and than proceeds to kill each and every one of his children before he shoots all but one of the gang members. The scene is violent, traumatic but yet instructive in a strange primitive way.
It was important for that last gang member to live, so he could tell the tale of how Soze would stop at nothing to control his criminal empire.
Thus, our mass murderer in Norway has applied the same logic. Show your enemy, Islam, that you too can be cruel and barbarous as they. So cruel, you will kill your own kind to make the point.
And as Keyser Soze let the last gang member go to spread his tale, the media spread this horrible tale across the globe in a matter of seconds, and his message was delivered to all in Islam, beware, for we will match your fire with fire.

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happy-ness said...

Nick, I think you are on to something! Never thought about the Norway killings in this mammer, but it's definitely a good possibility. You got my vote on this!