Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breaking News - Read the Frightening E-Mail George Soros Has Sent to Your Children's Teachers Today - George Soros's Take on Our Debt Crisis

Posted by Nicholas Contompasis

From: Daniel Mintz, Political Action []
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 2:32 PM
To: Xxxxxxxx
Subject: Crisis
Republicans are about to crash our economy to protect the rich and voters in key districts need to know about it. Can you contribute $5 for an all-out campaign to inform voters about Republican recklessness?
Contribute Now
Dear MoveOn member,
In just 18 days, Republicans may force America into default and crash our whole economy in order to protect tax breaks for corporations and millionaires. That could also mean a hold on Social Security and Medicare checks for seniors.1
They're only getting away with it because most people don't know what a "debt ceiling" is, let alone what havoc will follow if Republicans send our country into default.
That's why we're launching an emergency campaign to highlight what Republicans are doing—especially vulnerable Republicans who'll force their leaders to back down if they get enough blowback from voters.
This is a real crisis moment. Our economy and much of what progressives have fought for over the last 60 years is at risk this week. So we're throwing in everything we've got.
We're launching ads and viral videos against vulnerable Republicans, flooding them with calls, and organizing small-business leaders to speak out. This emergency campaign will cost about $180,000—so this is an urgent request for everyone to pitch in.
Can you help with $5 to keep Republicans from crashing our economy?
If a foreign power made the same threats Republicans are making right now—to destroy our whole economy if they don't get their way—America would be on a war footing. Republicans are relying on the fact that many people don't realize two things:
Not lifting the debt ceiling by August 2 could crash our economy, send the country back into recession, and greatly increase unemployment.2,3
Republicans are doing this to protect tax breaks for the richest Americans and big corporations.
That's why we're working on a major campaign to highlight these crucial points to voters in key districts—where Republicans are vulnerable in the next election. That's the best way to grab the attention of the Republican leadership.
We've got ads ready to go, viral videos targeting individual Republicans by name, and more. But to do it all, we need to raise about $180,000 in short order. Can you help?
Yes, I can donate $5 to keep Republicans from crashing our economy.
Thanks for all you do,
–Daniel, Wes, Elena, Peter, and the rest of the team

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