Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is Obama Fueling Turmoil By Shipping Arms to Central and South America?

By Nicholas Contompasis

With Obama and Holder running for cover, with the exposure of operations Fast and Furious/Gunrunner, where they shipped arms to Mexico which fueled thousands of deaths on our southern border, other revealing shipments to South America are now popping up.
The shipment mentioned in the included article reveals that Obama had sent military arms to Argentina. Very little has been mentioned in the news about this shipment, but it seems to be part of an ever increasing policy of the Obama Administration to fuel turmoil in our Southern Hemisphere.
In resent days it has been reveiled that the Obama has been shipping arms to gangs in Honduras.
The problem is, who is Obama arming and for what reasons?

Argentina accuses US of trying to smuggle weapons into country


Buenos Aires. – Argentina Foreign Ministry responded to the Department of State of the United States: “The Argentine law must be obeyed by all without exception”, after Customs seized material from a U.S. military plane that tried to enter merchandise to the country illegally.
Moreover, “the country will make a protest and a demand for collaborative research on the grounds that the Air Force of the United States was trying to violate the laws of Argentina entering camouflaged material within oficial cargo officer of the United States” Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The report notes that the U.S. embassy, last December, gave a list of elements that would be admitted to Argentina in order to perform a safety course on hostage rescue agreed with local authorities.
It explains that, aware that in August 2010 the U.S. Air Force attempted to enter an arms shipment avoiding customs controls, the Foreign Ministry requested that the Embassy take into account the customs laws and respect.
The information notes that at that time they were allowed to withdraw the material from the country “because it had not been unloaded from the military aircraft.”
On this occasion, on Thursday 10 February and after landing the aircraft, Customs proceeded to check the load and it was discovered that much of it was not on the list of “good faith” provided by the Embassy .
Customs proceeded to relieve the burden on the legal load and seized what tried to enter in violation of the law.
The Foreign Ministry statement said that “between the seized material, which does not reference the State Department, is from weapons to different drugs, among others, several doses of morphine.”
“You have tried to enter the country with communication interception material, several sophisticated GPS, technological elements containing styled as secret codes and a full trunk with expired medical drugs,” the report said.
Both on Thursday at the Ezeiza airport and in the Chancellor’s communication with the U.S. Secretary Valenzuela refused to report the reasons for the seized material and the use that they would receive in Argentina.
The multi-state Southern South American Television outlined that the United States tried to introduce an undeclared cargo of weapons and expired medical drugs, which was seized by authorities from the South American country at the international airport of Ezeiza, in Buenos Aires province. The load arrived on board a Boeing C-17 of the U.S. Air Force.
Part of the weapons would go to a course offered by the U.S. Government to the Panel for Special Operations of the Federal Police of Argentina, which was scheduled to take place between the months of February and March.
However, when the regulatory review was applied to the cargo, the Argentine authorities found on board of the U.S. C-17 carbine and machine gun cannons, and a sealed bag, which was not included in the list of materials that the United States offered for the completion of the course to police in Argentina.
U.S. military who flew in the aircraft refused to open the sealed bag for inspection, while the Argentine government insisted that it content had to be inspected before entering the territory.
After several days of dispute, the bag was opened last Sunday morning by Argentine officials, who found drugs inside, transmission equipment, computer mass storage devices (pen drives) and scripters devices.
From the finding the weapons and bags were seized on Monday for the continuation of the verification process.
U.S. officials in charge of the cargo transfer clandestinely tried to pass a thousand cubic feet of material, equivalent to one third of the cargo, after stops in Panama and Peru.
The boxes had the stamp of the Seventh Army Airborne Brigade based in North Carolina
In a statement, the Foreign Ministery of Argentina recalled that in August 2010 the U.S. Air Force attempted to enter another arms shipment evading customs control, the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires was reminded there is a country legislation to comply with.
In 2006 there was a similar event in Venezuela, when a C-117 U.S. Air Force loaded with military equipment landed at the International Airport Simón Bolívar, in Vargas state (North Central).

On that occasion, the Venezuelan authorities said the U.S. tried to pass parts of weapons into the country without making the respective declaration before the competent authorities, for which they altered the concept of diplomatic pouch.
The shipment consisted of pliers, cartridge devices, detonator fuses and rocket engines, weapons designed to serve the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB).
However, what Venezuela requested to the United States was a series of rocket engines for Air Force Bronco aircrafts.


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