Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Stupidity of Obama and His Democrats

Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts was like turning the lights on in the middle of a democrat orgy, everybody had their pants down and I mean everybody! Brown’s win couldn't have happened at a worse time for these gluttonous opportunists. As these marauding pirates fought over the American peoples' hard earned tax dollars, these slime ball democrats in congress are now self destructing. Now, with the lights on and the warts and blemishes of this “party gone wild” exposed, it won’t be hard for the people to make their choice in November’s election. Many of these democrat losers should just give it up and resign or retire before they become a further embarrassment publicly.
The deal cutting processes that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid went through with their members of congress revealed volumes about the democrat party. You've heard over the past months of the bribes, with your money, paid to democrats for their votes. You've seen the arrogance and elitist attitude towards the American people. You've watched special interest groups like unions be given preferential treatment in regards to tax cuts and jobs.
All of these deals were cut in an atmosphere of dominance and arrogance over the will of the people. The true natures of the Blue Dogs in congress have been revealed. Even they no longer can be trusted by the people. It can be safe to say that every democrat is a liberal, it’s just that simple.
Now, all of the months of hard work by democrats to screw the American people have been for nothing. The only thing democrats have accomplished in the past year is piss off America and destroy their own party. Pretty stupid democrats! Pretty stupid Mr. President! You may look smart but you sure are dumb. LBJ was ugly and sounded dumb but he knew how to run a government. You’re no democrat, Barrack. You're nothing but a Marxist with no guts. Maybe it’s time for you to retire to Kenya along with the rest of your loser family, good riddance. I’ll even chip in a case of Scotch whiskey so you can go out like your old man. Bon voyage, loser.


Anonymous said...

The liberal freakoids are already making an attempt to besmirch Brown's name. Bringing up nonsensical bullshit about his past; namely, him doing a little beefcake pose eons ago. Like who gives a shit. Scott Brown could walk down PA Avenue buckass naked and he'd still get my vote over Obama.

Anonymous said...

Scott Brown's a real American!! He's the peoples choice. He's one of us America!! He won the Senate seat fair and square. He didn't need slim ball organizations like ACORN to put him in office.

Anonymous said...

And just remember, even though he plays dumb about his administrations dirty tricks, Obama will be giving the greenlight for every bit of negative crap they try and throw out there on Brown. That's just the kind of politician our Pres is. Can't run on good merit alone. Ain't got none!

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me how I can send an email to Scott Brown?


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