Saturday, August 2, 2014

So You Think Obama is Doing a Good Job!!!!

So you think the Obama Administration has been doing a good job??? 
Obama's CIA Director lied to congress and eavesdrops on the Senate a direct violation of the CIA charter, a felony. 
Obama's director of the Veterans Administration is forced to resign because he killed possibly hundreds of veterans along with massive fraud by union members.
Obama's Attorney General has refused requests from Congress, a violation of the law, along with numerous outrageous action that are a direct violation of our Constitution.
Obama's Secretary of HHS (ObamaCare) was forced to resign because of her mishandling of the largest takeover by the Federal government of our private sector.
Obama's IRS Commissioner was forced to resign because of lying and concealing information from Congress.
The NSA has been violating every American's privacy rights by listening and recording every digital communique they make.
Obama's mismanagement of our border is a near catastrophic event that is threatening the stability of our country.
Obama's Secretary of State was forced to resign over her botching
of a 9/11 anniversary terrorist attack that killed our Ambassador while she did nothing to help him. This incident also helped Obama fire good Generals and Admirals thus weakening our military's resistance to his failed foreign policy.
There's much more but you get the picture. Yep, the Obama Administration has to be the most corrupt and dysfunctional Government our country has ever had.
This still is America isn't it???
Really, the American people aren't used to this much mismanagement of their government. They deserve better and should have it now!!! Not two years from now, NOW!!! - N.P.Contompasis

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