Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Obama's Foreign Policy Scoreboard.

Egypt - Still ruled be the military after a revolution and thousands dead. 
Syria - Still ruled by Assad after 100's of thousands dead and millions displaced throughout the Middle East. 
Iran - Thousands killed after a fouled revolution as they get closer to a nuclear bomb. 
Libya - A literal free for all after a short revolution and now civil war. 
Ukraine - Putin starts a civil war by proxy and will eventually take all of the Ukraine.
Africa - The entire central region of the continent is in a brutal religious war Muslims instigating terror against Christians. This will not end well based on the lack of support from the G-7.
China - Obama has obviously given the entire region to Red China out of fear of a disastrous confrontation with the most populous nation on the globe.
Israel - Israel has never been more alone since it's inception.
Afghanistan - A disaster on his watch.
Iraq - A country just waiting for the Iran sword to come down and a waste of good American heroes.
NATO Countries - He spies on all of them and gets caught red handed.
South Korea - There's no doubt in every Korean's mind that Obama would never help them if the North invaded. It explains why SK has the highest suicide rate in the world.
Venezuela - Another failed revolution as the current Chavez replacement kills anyone who opens their mouth.
As you can see, Mr. Obama's high tech techniques of regime change doesn't work unless you have the balls to commit your military, otherwise you're just another paper tiger.
- N.P.Contompasis

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