Friday, March 14, 2014

Missing Flight HM370 One Way Nonstop to New York City

Ali could no longer stand the smell coming from his comrade being one of 24 al Qaeda so-called freedom fighters jammed in twelve caskets in the cargo hole of flight HM370 bound for Beijing, China from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He gave the signal from his cellphone for all to emerge vampire like with weapons in hand.
Ali turned the radar jamming device on that was loaded in a crate marked fragile glass and the boldest takeover of any commercial airliner was about to begin.
He knew he had only five minutes before the crew in the cockpit realized they weren’t being tracked and they had to move fast. With military precision the 24 emerged through a little known duct that led into the passenger compartment. They quickly put on their gasmasks and released the poisonous gas grenades rendering all on board near death.
They quickly broke through the cockpit door where the plane was still on autopilot with four unconscious crew members still in their seats.
Ali quickly took over the controls, pointed the plane down and northwest towards a little known airstrip on the plains of Pakistan where he had a special addition for this Boeing 777, a five hundred megaton hydrogen nuclear bomb once owned by the Soviet Union.
Seven hours later and on the ground, a crew of fifty loaded the airliner to the brim with fuel and dumped the mostly Chinese passenger’s bodies into three trucks that were taken to a deep hole twenty miles away.
Ali was now captain of this missile of death that was now heading for New York City going over the polar ice cap.
Unfortunately, the world was still a week away from finding him, since the Obama Administration was still distracted by Vladimir Putin in the Crimea.   
Back at the C.I.A., Dave was mesmerized by what he was seeing on George Preston’s laptop computer. George’s brilliant idea of planting GPS devices in known al Qaeda leader’s prayer rugs in Eastern Africa gave Dave a bird’s eye view of global terrorism. But what he saw now was a prayer rug that flew over the Indian Ocean and landed in central Pakistan. Now, he thought, does this have anything to do with flight HM370 as he picked up the phone and ordered a long range jet to Kabul?   
From the Novel “Now the Eagle” by N.P.Contompasis 

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